Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Go Jalan East Coast: Cherating via Terengganu

Date: 1st - 4th May 2014 (Thu - Sun)

(Still on) DAY 3 (Saturday)

Pandai Awe teka Teluk Ketapang! When one is in Teluk Ketapang, one just gotta try the ICT. No, nothing to do with information & communication technology. I'm talking about the Ikan Celup Tepung (fish dipped in batter).

When I arrived at 1ish, the place wasn't open yet :( but there's a couple restaurants next to it, filled with people. Selling ICT juga kalau tak silap. Since niat nak makan at ICT Haji Pok Long, we waited for it to open at 2.15 pm. Take note if you plan to eat here, be prepared to have late lunch.

Pantai Teluk Ketapang
View in Teluk Ketapang

ICT Haji Pok Long
My fav yang left one tu :D Siap tarpao for the road

Other snacks offered at ICT Haji Pok Long
Other things offered. This place is more suitable for tea than lunch.

Our choice at ICT Haji Pok Long
Coconut drinks, orange cordial, prawns, ikan pari (stingray), more prawns, and another type of fish not in pic.

Taste - #iLike crunchy food so yeah. But you gotta dip them in the sauce, else some of them might taste bland
Price - RM22 + RM4 (tarpao sausages & crabmeats)
Ambiance - family-friendly, a bit warm if you go during the day


Along the way I noticed lots of burned foliage. Panas sangat dah kut Malaysia ni.

Burned foliage :(

More burned foliage along the way in Terengganu

Scenery along the way to Cherating
Scenery along the way to Cherating

Hello, Paka!
Flames of Paka :)

Finally arrived in Cherating just past 6 pm. Checked-in at The Legend Resort Cherating as I loved this place when I was younger. Especially love the rooms at ground floor, keluar sliding door terus lari pergi pantai.

Unfortunately, this time my experience wasn't so great. Imagine walking into this after a tiring long journey. What would YOU do?

Unmade room 247 given to us
The first room given to me. Maybe sebab I bayar murah =(

Details lain kali I cerita but if nak baca reviews kami-kami yang dah menginap di sini boleh klik TripAdvisor or Agoda.

The Legend Resort Cherating, Superior Room
Superior room in The Legend Resort Cherating

The Legend Resort Cherating - Beach
The Legend Resort Cherating beach

The Legend Resort Cherating Swimming Pools
The Legend Resort Cherating swimming pool

The Legend Resort Cherating Sundeck by the beach
Plenty of sundeck chairs

The Legend Resort Cherating from the beach
The Legend Resort Cherating view from the beach

The Legend Resort Cherating beach panorama
The beach at dusk

Beach view in the morning
The beach was as gorgeous as I could remember!

Suspension bridge in The Legend Resort Cherating
Suspension bridge for all ages to play

Suspension bridge in The Legend Resort Cherating

We didn't do much in Cherating. Skipped the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary and Batik Tjanting Class. Skipped dinner as well (too tired lazy) and spent the morning of Day 4 having leisurely breakfast and packing up.

After check-out, we went to Cherating Beach but there was nothing much worth mentioning aside from the souvenir shops and various backpackers inn and chalets. Do you know what's fun in Cherating Beach?

Going down Genting Highland
Lalu Genting Highland just for fun :)

Second Penang Bridge at sunset
Just in time for sunset in Penang
Where shall I go next?

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