Friday, 9 May 2014

Penang: The Unintended

So the plan was to catch sunset at Straits Quay and then explore Penang War Museum in Batu Maung after dinner.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be. 

Dada & Adam were delayed and we went to eat at Pak Hussin Tomyam Sg. Ara in Bayan Lepas instead.

Workers are efficient and comparable to the workers at mamak, they're friendly too! Ambiance is OK, a bit 'panas' but more importantly, the dishes are delicious!

The various dishes we ordered at Pak Hussin Tomyam
Sorry no close up. Too hungry.
Taste - #iLove
Price - Cheap, only RM50 for 4 pax
Ambiance - Your average tom yam restaurant

We had ikan goreng ginger (forgive me I have no idea what fish it was), butter prawn (L), tom yam campur, telur dadar. Sotong goreng tepung dah habis :'( We were also given a complimentary fruit plate, a big one.

Check them out at Lot 14, Kampung Tersusun Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.


Next, we went up Batu Maung to show Adam the Penang War Museum. As I've checked earlier, we knew that the museum was closed that night. Apparently now you gotta book in advance for the night tour. In addition, you must have at least 10 people in your party.

For night tour booking, call this number +6016 421 3606

The museum operates daily from 9 am to 6 pm (evening session is for the night tour that you have to book in advance and Istilltakpuashati whynowmustbookinadvance kaubukajelaheverynightfromThursdaytoSundaykansenang! Siapa-siapa nak pergi tolong kirim salam kat diorang and suruh buka malam please. You can walk-in during the day.

If you love stories of old days, put Penang War Museum on your To Visit list. Entrance fee up to RM30+ (foreigners) is a bit expensive for some but I personally found it worthwhile. Privately owned museum kut.

Do excuse the cheap scare and enjoy looking at the pill boxes, underground offices, strategy room, torture rooms, lookout tower, execution room (check out the bullet marks!), barracks (so solid, trees grew on the roof!) and crawl along the tunnel.

Pics are from my visit over a year ago.

Tunnel exit from the underground room
Exiting the tunnel

Replica of platform to hang people
Execution platform - reproduction only. No worry.

In front of a big scary tree in Penang War Museum
No, that's no pontianak.

Underground Penang War Museum
Follow the guide!

Masa makan rancak cerita kat Adam & Dada about the place. Adam excited nak pergi, dah kata Adamvai The Demon Hunter. Tengok dari luar pun jadilah. We stopped in front of the main gate for a bit. It was very dark since it was just before midnight. Selalu banyak anjing kat situ tapi malam tu tak nampak pun. Ada seekor je kat kaki bukit masa nak naik.

After Adam had his paranormal fix and vowed to come again (when it's open, I hope), we drove towards Georgetown to Nautilus Bay Jelutong Promenade. Dah near the first bridge baru berani nak tanya Adam if he saw anything back there.

"Oh, dah boleh cerita?" Asked Adam before proceeding to tell us about a lady sitting at a corner of the road while we went down the hill.

Haha menyesal tanya!

Interested to read more?

JuAn NaSir wrote in Malay and read Darren Ng for his experience in English. It's Batu Maung, not Muang yeah :) Confuse your cab driver nanti :p


At Jelutong Promenade ni tak ada apa sangat but there are a few interesting restaurants and watering holes opposite the road. Search for Lebuh Sungai Pinang in Google Map. An OK place to lepak tengok laut malam-malam if you can stand the petrol/funky smell from a dumpster nearby.

View from Jelutong Promenade
Restaurants and pubs

Jelutong Promenade at night
Longest promenade in Penang

Hang out at Jelutong Promenade seaview

If you're hungry, kat hujung belah sana (near the houses) ada McDonalds. I suspect the people who jog here singgah there after their exercise :p

Till next time!

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