Thursday, 29 May 2014

Ridel Hotel, Kota Bharu

I booked directly with Ridel Hotel via website as I wanted their Executive Room. You can also make reservation via but room options is limited.

Rider Hotel facade
Ridel Hotel facade

Check-in was a breeze, just find 'Reception' sign under Riverfront Hotel- same place. No wonder I couldn't find that hotel online! Arrived at 2pm, gave the booking number & left RM200 deposit. 

Executive room was comfortable, just enough space for 2 of us. Peeked at other rooms, a bit cramped for me. If you just want a bed to sleep in, the standard rooms are acceptable.

Ridel Hotel's executive room
Bed and wardrobe

Ridel Hotel executive room bed
Comfy, clean bed

Executive room decor in Ridel Hotel
We moved the table next to the sofa so I don't bump against it & bruise myself

Ridel Hotel's executive room decor
Flat tv with selected Astro channels, mini bar and mirror. Am a happy gal.

Shower room in executive room Ridel Hotel
Clean shower room
Ridel Hotel executive room decor
Convenient for business travellers

Ridel Hotel executive room decor
Pretty lighting

Clean sheet, clean shower, clean room. VERY basic toilettries. Oh, could use a couple more power points though. It wasn't very convenient to switch off the mini bar in order to boil water (kettle, bottles water and coffee & tea supply provided).

View from room in Ridel Hotel
View from my room. Hello Sg. Kelantan!

Guests get welcome drinks (coupons) and breakfast (coupons) which can be redeemed at the hotel's restaurant, Shark Lounge. Your welcome drink should be redeemed on your check-in day. I went to get mine around 3 or 4 pm so the lounge was pretty empty =p

Keep these safe!

Ridel Hotel's welcome drink at Shark Lounge
Welcome drink - redeem at Shark Lounge

Chicken Bites at Shark Lounge
Extra order - chicken bites. You can give this a miss.

Shark Lounge interior
Shark Lounge interior decor

Shark Lounge interior
Comfortable, clean enough

Shark Lounge interior

View from our table

Breakfast was just okay but hey you're in Kelantan! Go to one of those yummy warung instead. Unless you're lazy like us.

Breakfast at Ridel Hotel
No idea what rice was that. Love the porridge! Others are okay

Ridel Hotel breakfast buffet in Shark Lounge
Buffet area. Not much to choose from.

Check-out was very quick & efficient. It is very likely that I'll stay in Ridel again :)

Not yet sunset in front of Ridel Hotel

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